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Your 30-day free trial comes with everything in the $49/month package, including free phone and email support. No credit card required.
Over 95% of our clients have their live streaming needs met with our $49/month or $79/month live streaming packages. Most of our clients don’t pay a penny more than $49/month!
All our streaming packages come with free phone, email, and screenshare support. We are here to assist you with every aspect of streaming.
The customized iOS and Android apps are individually created for your church and are submitted to iTunes and Google Play with the name of your church.
Sunday Streams Websites are included with all our packages and allow you to create beautiful and unique layouts visually, without touching a single line of code.
Your viewers can view live broadcasts and on-demand archives directly on Apple TV through the Sunday Streams Apple TV channel.
The custom Roku channel is individually created for your church with your logo, colors, icon graphics, and is submitted to the Roku Channel Directory under your church name.
You aren’t limited to the hardware options that we recommend. To make broadcasting easy and affordable we have a rental option for some of the most popular and cost effective options.
The Sunday Streams platform supports both live broadcasts and on-demand videos for Apple iOS and Android devices via an HTML5 player as well as our free and custom apps.
You can easily integrate our responsive iFrame embed code in your website with a simple copy and paste.
You can embed your live broadcasts and archive videos directly on Facebook pages!
You can embed your live broadcasts and archive videos directly on Twitter pages!

Social Sharing

If you enable it, your viewers can share links to your videos directly from the player window to social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, and also directly email their friends!

HD Quality

With Sunday Streams you can broadcast in HD quality and provide HD quality on-demand videos with any of our packages.


The Sunday Streams platform automatically records your broadcasts on our servers and can publish them to your video players once your broadcasts are completed!

Absoutely No Ads

Sunday Streams is totally commercial and advertisement free, so you’ll never have to worry about your viewers seeing annoying ads or inappropriate recommended videos during your worship services.


Your viewers can easily cast your live broadcasts and on-demand videos directly to their Chromecast-connected TV from their Chrome browser.

Audio Only Option

If desired, the Sunday Streams system automatically creates an audio only option in your video player for your live broadcasts and on-demand video archives.


Easily create an audio podcasts for iTunes, our custom apps, or other podcast services. Once your RSS feed is added, the feed automatically updates with your latest archive videos.

Advanced Analytics

With our Google Analytics integration, you can track a very comprehensive set of historical data and see viewer activity in real-time!

Live Chat

Live online chat powered by Sunday Streams Chat is included with all our packages. You can also integrate with third party chat providers such as Chatroll and Cbox.

Online Giving

Include giving in your Go Player, iFrame embed code, your website, and in your custom apps with PayPal,, and many others!

Developer API

Integrate your Sunday Streams live streaming and on-demand archives with your own mobile apps, Roku, Apple TV app, custom HTML5 players, or other custom players.


The Sunday Streams platform is compatible with software encoders such as vMix, Wirecast, VidBlaster, as well as hardware encoders like Cerevo, NewTek TriCaster, VidiU, and many more!

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