Message from Dr. Buddy Bell:

These past 35 years that I’ve been traveling and teaching on the ministry of helps has been so fulfilling in my life. As you know I love helping people find their place in the body of Christ. We have produced books, CD’s, and DVD’s and been able to distribute them throughout the United States and Canada and been able to take them to other countries but there are still a lot of people and a lot of churches that need to hear about the Ministry of Helps.

In April 2013 I was approached by the Elam denomination to video and produce 10-30 minute classes on my teachings concerning the Ministry of Helps for their Masters Degree course. I have wanted to produce some new and fresh video teachings for a long time. Over the years I have learned to just wait upon the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. So we are launching Dr. Buddy Bell Mobile Training Center to the world.

As for the local church instead of just having the new volunteers read my book or watch one DVD or listen to a CD. You will be able in so many words have this available to present to a group or to individuals that desire to serve in the church. I believe this fulfills something the Lord spoke to me before the Internet was even invented “That I would be on the staffs of thousands of churches around the world”. You’ll be able to take the classes on new smart phones, IPad, and tablets. You can do this online. We will also be able to send to the Pastor an email stating that the student has completed the classes.

I am so excited about this because I will be able to update it and enhance it as new revelation comes on the Ministry of Helps.

Mobile Training Center Leadership Benefits

1. Time – Everyone is limited on time. We have to grab those extra minutes between appointments and waiting for kids etc. With the Dr. Buddy Bell Mobile Training Center you can learn anywhere at anytime from your computer or mobile device.
2. Space – Often churches are limited in space on their campuses. With the Dr. Buddy Bell Mobile Training Center you remove the restrictions of space and increase the training and teaching you offer.
3. Location – Train your people wherever they are. Whether they travel during the week or take care of kids at home or simply live on the other side of town you can take the classroom to the student.
4. Speed in mobilization – It is vitally important to activate volunteers as soon as possible once they have committed to the vision and mission of the church or project. With The Dr. Buddy Bell Mobile Training Center you can start training immediately without having to wait for the next semester or class.

5. Expansion – As a Church Leader or Bible School Director your goal is to reach and equip more people for the work of the Kingdom, but there are always time, space and financial limitations. The Dr. Buddy Bell Mobile Training Center helps you overcome all of these limitations.
6. Equipping – As Ministry Leaders we are called to “equip the saints for the work of the ministry.” Dr. Buddy Bell offers the most comprehensive teachings available for equipping people for the Ministry of Helps. Churches and Bible Schools can now have this teaching available for their people in the most cost and time efficient way.
7. Structure – The Mobile Learning Center offers flexibility with structure. Each session is the same teaching you would receive in a live training seminar, with the ability to take personal notes. Section quizzes and final test are provided to demonstrate a working knowledge of the content of each participant. Pastors and Bible School Directors can be confident that each person has completed the studies with competence.

8. Connect – The Mobile Learning Center provides a way to reach and connect with new people. Many people are willing to serve but are bound by time and distance constraints. You can now train every person that is willing to learn and serve.
9. Include younger generation – Pastors and Ministry Leaders are challenged in todays world to connect with the younger mobile generation. The Mobile Learning Center is the perfect answer to this challenge. Anyone can participate anywhere on their digital device or computer.
10. Stay relevant – While Jesus and His message are the same yesterday, today and forever, the methods by which we communicate and deliver His message change with innovation, culture and socioeconomic circumstances. The Dr. Buddy Bell Mobile Training Center provides learning through the most innovative technology available at a tremendous value.
11. Cost – Having Dr Buddy Bell speak conduct live training sessions in a church or Bible School cost over $1000.00. The cost of The Dr. Buddy Bell Mobile Training Center is only $100s…
12. Growth – All Ministry Leaders pray for Exponential Growth, but the reality is that with growth in new converts and members we need more trained volunteers and leaders to disciple and serve. The Dr. Buddy Bell Mobile Training Center can help you meet the challenges of new growth with training available 24/7.

“I have never been more excited about ministry and technology coming together than I am right now looking at Dr Buddy Bell’s Mobile Training Center.  This is an incredible opportunity for Churches and Ministry Leaders to overcome former time and space constraints in training and equipping individuals and groups for the work of the ministry in a new and innovative way. This is an incredible tool that will be used to fulfil the great commission and facilitate the gospel reaching the ends of the earth.”

Carece Slaughter

CSA | CEO & Coach

The Mobile Training Center is made up of 10 individual 30 minute courses with notes, self study/discussion questions, Certificate of Completion and quizzes. The courses were done in April 2013 in HD video format. The Mobile Training Center can be viewed on mobile devices.

A list of the Courses are below to purchase courses click here

1. Understanding the Ministry of Helps – This session will establish a foundation on the Ministry of Helps. Is the Ministry of Helps as important as the Apostle and Prophet ministries? You have a place in the Body of Christ everyone is important.
2. God uses both the Stars and Candles – The stars are the great men and women of faith but who are the candles? Dr. Bell is known around the world in 70 different languages for this classic teaching.
3. Jesus and the Ministry of Helps – Jesus and Pastors cannot do it alone by themselves.
4. 7 Biblical ways to Relate to your Pastor – Some wonder why they walk away empty on Sunday morning.
5. Fear Not – Leadership, Organization, and Structure Part 1 – It must be God’s way not Mans way.
6. Fear Not – Leadership, Organization, and Structure Part 2
7. Winning First Time Visitors – Within the first six minutes visitors will determine if they will return or not.
8. How to Motivate Volunteers – Dr. Buddy Bell’s personal techniques that he used in motivating the volunteers serving under him in the local church. The bible says to edify and build up the Body of Christ.
9. Ushers and Greeters Part 1 – Ushers and Greeters are the first people your visitors meet. They help to create hope and peace for those in the service. Dr. Bell has trained thousands of Ushers and Greeters in the last 30+ years. There is nothing new under the sun.
10. Ushers and Greeters Part 2

If you would like to purchase a hard copy of the Mobile Training Center in English or Spanish click here