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Ministry of Helps International Digital Downloads
Online Webinars by Dr. Buddy Bell

Understanding the Ministry of Helps

This is the foundational teaching on the Ministry of Helps by Dr. Buddy Bell. Is it in the bible? Is it a supernatural ministry? Is it as important as being a Prophet or Apostle? Did Dr. Buddy Bell make up this ministry?

Usher and Greeter Training

Why are Ushers and Greeters so important to the Local Church? Do you just pick anyone to be an usher or greeter in your church? Did you know ushers can help increase the giving in your church? Did you know the greeters can help you church grow?

God Uses both the Stars and Candles

Did you know there are candles in the bible? God does not just use the stars! Everyone is valuable and has an important part in the Body of Christ.

How to Motivate Volunteers

Dr. Bell shares his secrets on how he grew a Ushers team of 14 to over 80 in less than 10 months.

We appreciate all the hours of work Buddy Bell has put into our ministry of helps to make it one of outstanding excellence. God bless you as you continue to instill quality and superiority into ministries around the nation.”
Joel Osteen, Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas

Our church is indebted to him for laying the foundation of helps in the early years. Imagine a whole army of helpers and servers in a local church that is stirred, challenged and anointed.
Joseph Prince, Senior Pastor of New Creation Church Singapore

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Can we look forward to more products?
YES we will be adding more of Dr. Bell’s products in the weeks to come. Please revisit soon.
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All devices can play our materials.